PYC and the RR

Turntable 1

PYC has been on the Hudson for more than 100 years. We are boaters, it may be a surprise to learn that the club has history relating to the Hudson River Railroad which began operation in 1851 and was consolidated into the New York Central Railroad in 1853. There are many ways that the club is connected to the railroad with the major one being that for many years it was our landlord. But there are other ways that the railroad impacted Peekskill, the Hudson and the club. Most of the land that we now know as the Riverfront Green was created with the building of the railroad as it filled part of the bay to create land for tracks to service businesses on the bay. Also built at that time were service facilities for the steam locomotives then were used at that time. These included a water tank and one of the methods for them to turn the locomotive: a turntable.

The turntable here in Peekskill was located on the west side of the tracks, south of the station and at the location today of the large mooring ball just before entering the club’s grounds. If you look behind the pilings there you will see a small cement wall with a slight curve that was part of the turntable pit. The metal or bridge part that did the rotating was removed years ago when the railroad stopped using steam locomotives. Sometime later the pit was filled in and a piece of history passed from sight.

We at the club often work with what is at hand and some former club members used a section of the wall as part of our entrance. With the pilings and mooring ball we have long had an attractive site as our entrance that also serves as a good turn around area for vehicles.

1961 - Empire State Express

Empire State Express (1961)