Floating Club House

Floating Clubhouse

On Jan. 17, 1996 the barge sank about 6 feet.  At the time a number of the clubs were using old barges as clubhouses. The PYC barge had all of the problems associated with having a floating home.

An alarm went off notifying the neighbors of the problem. The police and fire officials were called and pumps were set up. So began the slow process of getting her back up and floating again.

Shawn McGinnis, the city’s deputy mayor was quoted as saying, “We are probably going to have people here all night because we have to wait for the tide to drop. It dropped but then went back up again.”  When the barge sank, it sat on the muck in the river, became stuck and would not rise until quite a bit of water was removed.

I am sure that there are some of us that think this type of clubhouse is just what a boat club should be housed in. And, yes, they are great to look at and of a proper nautical design.  But ask anyone that has experienced one and you will learn that they are a lot of work with sinking being one of the worst events that can happen.