Sea Scouts

Picture Sea Scouts

Our support of this group of youngsters is one more example of how the Peekskill Yacht Club provides training and leadership for the next generation of boaters.  We should be proud that we support this program and what it represents.

When looking into our archives we need to go back more than 78 years — to Apr. 10, 1935 — to learn when the board voted favorably to sponsor the Sea Scouts and provide them with a mooring.   From the start the Sea Scouts were an appreciated part of the club as they were soon noted for being a “valuable asset to the club in providing labor for our maintenance projects.”

The goal of the Sea Scouts is to train young people in the proper methods of safely operating a vessel. This also includes swimming and water safety instruction as well as the safe boating class.

Sea Scouting is a Venturing Program of the Boy Scouts of America focused on providing young men and women positive experiences to help them mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

These goals are of great value and ones we all can be proud that our club supports by providing the scouts access to the Hudson with moorings for their two sailboats and our clubhouse for training.


Sea Scout Ship #30 has 12 members and is always looking for new scouts to fill its ranks.  So if you know a young person between the ages of 14 and 21 who is interested in learning safe boating and having some real adventure, ask him or her to contact us.